Why Grade?

Find out why it's worth getting your comic books, trading cards, video games, videocassettes and other pop culture collectibles graded by CGC.


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Benefits of Getting Your Collectibles Graded

Collect with Confidence

Collect with Confidence

An important benefit of collectibles grading is confidence. Because the grading process includes authentication, an expert evaluation of condition and encapsulation in a tamper-proof holder, you’ll know without a doubt that a graded collectible is the exact item you think it is — not a fake and not deceptively altered.

Protect your Collectibles

Protect Your Collectibles

After grading, each collectible and a label with its description, grade and unique certification number are encapsulated in a crystal-clear holder that provides superior long-term protection from damage, counterfeiting and tampering. The benefits of encapsulation alone are reason to grade — especially if you plan to transport your collectibles. The holder preserves your collectible for generations of enjoyment and allows for easy storage and display.

Increase Value

A savvy collector can see a significant return on investment from grading collectibles. Sales at auction and transactions on eBay and other sites all show that graded collectibles sell for more than ungraded collectibles because collectors, dealers and retailers trust and value the grading process. Grading companies also provide additional services, such as comic book pressing, which can correct some minor flaws so that a collectible receives a higher grade and therefore a potentially higher price.

Start in Three Easy Steps


1. Join CGC.

Who you trust with your collectibles is a big decision. More than any other grading service for pop culture collectibles, CGC has proven expertise, longevity and strict procedures to ensure impartiality, accuracy and consistency. To submit your collectibles to CGC for grading, all you need is a free account, or choose a paid membership to save on grading and comic book pressing services. Join now!

CGC listens to fans, keeps up with trends and cares about what's important to collectors. The company and its services are top notch.

— Amaya Brothers Comics

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